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Rider’s guide

Code of ConductFAQGoGeo Brochure

Public transit requires sharing space and playing well with others. Our rules are made to encourage good behavior. Please follow them accordingly.

  • You must wear a shirt and shoes.
  • Don’t cross the white or yellow line at the entrance of vehicles until it’s time to board.
  • Keep all belongings on your lap or at your feet. Do not leave belongings unattended or allow them to block aisles or obstruct seats. GoGEO is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.
  • Fold and stow scooters and strollers while in transit.
  • Smoking and the use of other tobacco products, including electronic cigarettes, vaporizers or chewing tobacco are prohibited on board, at transit centers, and within 15 feet of any bus stop.
  • Do not bring food or open drink containers on board. Beverages are permitted in spill-proof or screw-top containers.
  • Reserve priority seating at the front of vehicles for seniors and riders with disabilities.
  • Do not engage in disruptive behavior, loud conversation, profanity, insults, threats, horseplay or fighting.
  • Animals are not permitted on board except service animals assisting a rider with a disability, or a service animal in training. While on board, service animals must be maintained under the rider’s seat, in their lap or beside a wheelchair.
  • When boarding the bus, store your bike in the onboard bike rack or stand with it in the designated area.
  • When boarding, have your pass or cash ready and keep your fare handy in case a fare inspector asks for it. Riders without a valid fare may be asked to de-board and could be fined.
  • Do not interfere with the operation of the vehicle, including talking to an operator while the vehicle is in motion.
  • You must de-board after the vehicle makes a full round trip or goes out of service.
  • Do not trespass or loiter after hours at stops.
  • Do not vandalize or alter GoGeo or Capital Metro property or signs. This includes writing on, marking or defacing vehicles and stop amenities, or removing Braille tiles and other signs.
  • Illegal possession, use, distribution or sale of any controlled substance is prohibited.
  • No panhandling, soliciting, indecent exposure or boarding with visible bodily fluids on clothing.
  • Consumption or possession of alcoholic beverages on board and at stops is prohibited. Illegal weapons, explosives, wet cell batteries, flammable/combustible material such as gasoline, kerosene or propane, and other hazardous items are not permitted on board.

How old do I have to be to ride the bus alone?

12 years or older. Riders under 12 must be accompanied by a fare paying adult.

When do monthly passes expire?

Each monthly pass expires on the last calendar of the month.

Can I bring my bike on the bus ?

Yes. All buses are equipped with bike racks so you can bike to the bus, store your bike while you ride, then bike to your destination! When the bus pulls up to your stop, just tell the driver that you’ll be securing your bike to the rack and the driver will wait for you. Then board and pay your fare. When you get off the bus, be sure to tell the driver you’ll be removing your bike.

What do I do if I left an item on the bus?

You can reach our Lost and Found at 512-478-RIDE (7433). Items will be kept at the CARTS Georgetown Station, 3620 S Austin Ave, Georgetown, TX 78626.

Do you provide services for persons with disabilities?

All of our buses and vans are wheelchair accessible.

The City provides a complimentary ADA Paratransit Service to qualified persons within the City limits.

For additional information on GoGeo Paratransit including eligibility requirements, please visit or call 512-478-RIDE (7433).

Can I tip my driver?

Our drivers enjoy their jobs and a simple thank you is enough.

Who do I call if my bus is late or I want to thank my driver?

Call 512-478-RIDE (7433).

Can I eat or Drink on the bus?

Do not bring food or open containers of drinks on board. Beverages are permitted in spill-proof or screw-top containers.

Can I bring shopping bags on the bus?

Keep all belongings on your lap or at your feet. Do not leave belongings unattended or allow them to block aisles or obstruct seats. GoGEO is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

Where does the bus go?


What  are the hours of operation?

Weekday: 7:00 am to 7:00 pm

Saturdays: 8:00 am to 6:00 pm

How much does it cost to ride?

  Fares and passes
  One-Way Fare   $1
  All-Day Pass (unlimited)   $2
  All-Day Passes valid for unlimited rides on the date of purchase
  Paratransit (each way)   $2
  A shared-ride paratransit service for qualified people with disabilities that mirrors regular bus service.
Eligibility and screening through a paper application will be provided by the Capital Area Rural
Transportation System.
  Monthly (unlimited)   $30
  Reduced All-Day Passes
  Age 65 and older with an ID   $1
  Disability (qualified through CARTS)   $1
  Veterans and Active Military   $1
  Students with ID, 12 and Up   $1
  Accompanied children  0-12, with full fare rider   free


How do I pay for my ride?

Monthly and daily passes can be purchased at the Library with cash or credit card.

Daily passes can be purchased with exact change on bus.

For more information visit:

Where can I find a schedule and a printed map?

Maps are available to download from the website:

Who operates the bus?

Capital Area Rural Transit System operates the bus for the City of Georgetown through a contract with Capital Metro.

How do I make a suggestion about how to improve service?

Service change suggestions such as pick up or drop off locations, hours of operation or fare should be sent to For anonymous ethics complaints please send an email to

How often will the City modify service?

The City will monitor system performance monthly. The City anticipates services changes once a year.

I am not on a route, I am not disabled, how can I get to where I need to go?

Call the Office of Mobility Management to talk with a trip planning specialist who can help you navigate your options.


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